Mozilla Summit 2013 – p1

summit2013-230x200This’s year I had a chance to attend Mozilla Summit at Santa Clara – USA.
Long flight from Jakarta not making me tired at all, the sessions that we will have in the morning is like pushing my adrenalin. So exciting.

After a long complicated flight, we savely arrived at San Jose Mineta Airport.
Why complicated?
Well, first me, @rara79 and @eriskatp had Jakarta-Singapore-Japan flight with only 1 hour time between the flight. If we have to run from Changi T3 to make a transfer at T2, we wont make it. Thank God ANA Airlines staff has waited for us at the gate and take us to T2 right away using a buggy car.


Second, we had 8 hours transit at Narita, Japan. But that’s fine. We spent the time by visiting Naritasan Shinsoji Temple, an amazing heritage of Japan. We met other team from Indonesia (Benny Chandra, Dwi, Aditya, Aji) in here along with fellow Mozillian from Japan (Takeshi kun and team), India and Myanmar.

So now here I am.
Far far away from home in the heart of Silicon Valley and cant wait the summit to begin.

I’m making documentation for this Mozilla Summit. You can see it in my instagram, facebook or flickr account. Just search for tags #MozSummit #MozSummit2013

Arrive at San Jose Airport @rara79 at San Jose Airport
@cengakarux, @rara79 and @eriskatp at San Jose Airport @cengakarux, @rara79 and @eriskatp at San Jose Airport
me & @eriskatp at San Jose Airport me & rara79 at at San Jose Airport
mozsummit_sanjose_20131004030736_007 waiting for the bus to Mariott
waiting for the bus to Mariott With Alex Lakatos

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