Howto: Setup Huawei E220 HSDPA USB Modem with Leopard

In my previous post, I wrote that I was having trouble to get ZTE MF622 work on my Leopard. Not solved yet until now. 

Today, Derry was kindly enough to lend me his Huawei E220 HSDPA Modem. It’s Telkomsel Flash modem package but already been unlocked. So, I can use any SIM card from any available GSM operator. But unfortunately, the E220 driver for Mac from Telkomsel is not working on Leopard. So, I need to google to find the suitable driver for that.

So, how to install Huawei E220 HSDPA USB modem on Mac OSX Leopard:

  1. Download the driver here or here (add .dmg after the file name)
  2. Extract the package file (E220.dmg) and run the file "Mobile_Connect_Drv_App.pkg"
    Run installer
  3. Follow the wizard
  4. Read the agreement, and continue if you agree


  5. Select installation destination



  6. Continue Installation


How to setup GPRS/3G/HSDPA connection with Huawei E220 on OSX Leopard:

  1.  Insert the SIM card into the data card. 
  2. Connect the data card to your PC. 
  3. Open the Finder window, and select Mobile Connect in the Application directory. 
    mobile connect
  4. Then launch the management program of the Mobile Connect. If the Personal Identification Number (PIN) code of the data card is locked, the system displays the Verify PIN dialog box for you to enter the PIN code. 
  5. If you enter wrong PINs for three consecutive times, the system displays the PIN Unblocking Key dialog box for you to enter the valid PIN Unblocking Key (PUK). Then the Mobile Connect interface is displayed.


    • If you enter wrong PUKs for ten consecutive times, the SIM card is invalid permanently
    • The PIN and PUK are delivered with the SIM card provided by your service provider. For details, consult your service provider.
  6.  Now, we create a profile. From Mobile Connect UI above, click on Setting button
    Create profile

    Click on New button
    I’m using Telkomsel Flash service, therefor I create a profile like picture above.
    Dont forget to use PAP as Authentication method.
    Click Save then OK if you finish creating profile

  7.  Select the profile you want to use and click Connect
  8. During the dial-up access, the Mac OS X system requires you to enter the account and password of the system administer. You can access the Internet only when the correct account and password are entered.
  9. When you access the internet successfully, the system displays the prompt, saying “Connection successful!”.

  10. IMHO, I think Huawei have better english in the UI compare to his ‘brother’ :D This is what i’ve got from MF622 UI :P Connect estalish
  11. Voila! Now I’m connected to Telkomsel Flash network

  12. When you try to browse for the first time after connected, you will be redirected to
    Choose the package you want.

  13. You’ll have this page after finish selecting a package
  14. Checking IP
  15. Start browsing

That’s all. I hope this tutorial can help you (the Leopard & Telkomsel Flash users) to setup Huawei E220 modem on your Mac :)


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