Mr. Mankin’s Party and My New Blog

Pheww, today is a “lazy” day. No many activies to be done. Everything is OK.

Weekly winners for simPATI HOKIholiday programme has been generated. 1 will go to Hongkong, the other 10 will get local tour package, 40 will get digital cameras, there are still 100 travel bags and 1000 vouchers @ Rp.50.000. Guest what ? I’ve got nothing hehehehehhehehehe. Well that’s my job.

Additional winner for simPATI Zone quiz has been generated. Statistic of simPATI Zone SMS Quiz has been made.

Not so bad. My FreeBSD has handled more than 17M SMS in 50 days :)

Today’s highlight is Mr. Charles Mankin’s Party at JW Marriot Hotel. He’s been assigned to be Manager of IT Operation Region IV at Makassar, South Sulawesi. Mr. Charlie has many hobbies. Golf, fishing, badminton, bowling etc. He’s always excited when telling me his fishing story :P

Hey, i’ve got a replacement for my broken IBM Thinkpad T30 hehehehehehehhe. T30 is sucks, my own Thinkpad T22 is much better. But it lacks on cpu speed :(. PIII 900Mz vs PIV 1900MHz. I wish i could have the T40 series ….

After lunch, i started designing this blog. I’m in a good mood, I have plenty time, just need to focus. And there it is. After 4 hours playing with my Thinkpad T22 ,I’ve made my own themes and a shoutbox.

Tomorrow I will make a post-comment system, i’ve already had a gallery system so it isnt needed anymore. News feed, maybe a calendar sytem. Hmmm what else ?