The most delicious food in the world

The most delicious food in the world,
not the one you can find the the most famoust restaurant,
it has not to be made by the most expensive ingredients

for me, this is one of the most delicious food in the world
furthermore, if you have the one expert on makin the food in the house
you’re in heaven :P

Sayur bening jawa timuran (specially from Malang) + tempe goreng & mendol and dont forget … sambal tomat

Thanks to Amel’s grandma
It’s been like years I never eat this food.
D*mn, I miss Malang…

Eh, Warung Malang Hongkong kok masih renov2 ajah yah. Kapan kelarnya …

Spam by Uma Sapna Villa

1. Never heard any of it
2. Never knew anything about it
3. Never subscribe any services they might offered before and also any kind of service by other companies
4. Never gave my cellphone numbers, my emails, my address or anything before
5. Then i got this message in my cellphone ..

D*mn spammer … Germany 3-1 Slovakia … Please deh ..

Actually, I want to look the Germany Home Jersey for Euro 2008. Check on many sites including Then I found this article, said that Germany has won over Slovakia 3-1. Please dech.
The match was on June 6, and now is June 8. 2 Days without any correction ?

So far, if my brain is not yet damage, German won 2-1 over Slovakia.
#1 own goal by Durica on 10′
#2 goal by Hitzlsperger on 43′

So, who has scored Germany’s goal #3?

I’ve check on Live Score, it confirms my brain still working good :P German 2 – 1 Slovakia

Pidgin’s Smiley Icons

Well, gaim has became Pidgin. Nice UI, cute smileys.
But the point is … the smiley look different with Gaim/Yahoo Messenger.
Just confused everytime i choose one of emoticons/smiley from the list … :P