I have a 3 years Dell GX-260 box, it runs Ubuntu 7.10 desktop right now. What I feel right now is, my linux box seems to be slower day by day. It needs more RAM. Bad news is, it is still using DDR PC-2100 which is now very hard to get in Indonesia market :( I’m sure it can use DDR PC-2700, but it definitely cannot use DDR PC-3200. I’ve tried it already.

So far, i have survived with only 256MB RAM in these past 3 years :P

*sigh* It’s exhausted, just like me.

lshw result

 top reslut

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4 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. Walah.. Todaaaayyy! (baca = hareee geneee.. hihi..)
    Halah, yg penting bisa maen tetris sama ngetak ngetik udah manteplah itu Kid. ^_^

  2. walah… nthe problem (basa inggris dialek tukul) is
    itu dipake jalanin eclipse, pasang web server ma db juga buat develop kecil2an … belum lagi kalo mo lurking anime
    aih …

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