IndosatM2 ZTE MF622 driver on Leopard = problem?

 Anyone having this kind of problem?

Installation failed

I have a ZTE MF622 USB HSDPA card (not mine actually), provider is IndosatM2. Try to install the driver downloaded from IndosatM2 download page. But after trying and trying, I got no luck to make it work …. *sigh*

Some friends said that ZTE MF622 is SUX for Leopard and Linux, and i think they’re right about that… *pats* Belutz :D

Anyone could help? Indosat ppl?

I think I need to borrow Huawei E220 to test on my Mac :)

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16 thoughts on “IndosatM2 ZTE MF622 driver on Leopard = problem?

  1. hai Nuri
    that is less types for connecting your usb modem to your leopard
    – make sure your signal condition in the Zte aplication on your leopard
    – if the signal cannot initialize / blank
    open the your donload zte for mac at Windows Xp
    – instal and make sure about signal condition in xp
    – after that,k please open Autorun_PT_P671M1V1.01.01
    – and click at button “for mac user”, and click again in the query status,,k make sure that is “for mac”
    – oke, if finished , please put in again your modem to your leopard and make sure signal status is oke
    – please input your profile in the aplication zte

    – that is oke for me

    – i try for mac air, macbookk,,,k and i mac
    i ‘m succes for that’s

    please try

    – fighting until the end’

  2. sigh, why do i need windows just for installing a zte driver? That’s lame. And its not about signal, not just yet.
    having no problem with huawei.

  3. Hi! ZTE driver from Indosat M2 only works on Intel Mac running Tiger or Leopard. That’s all… Indosat don’t have good support for Mac users. Every-time you try installing on PowerPC, you’ll get message “Installing Error”.

  4. Hi Bram,
    I’m using Intel Mac Leopard 10.5.2 :)

    Last week, a coleague at ZTE gave me a new “Indosat” driver for Mac. It’s able to be installed, but STILL cannot be used :P
    so far i can remember
    1. finish setting up with everything shown on im2 support page
    2. already use correct APN, username, password, PAP
    3. try to connect … it showed “connection established” (not estalished anymore :P)
    4. after that, it showed “create network”
    5. and finally disconnect …

    blah? it worked fine with windos..
    Still no luck with ZTE and I think I wont use any ZTE stuff for my Mac/Linux

  5. I just bought mine last saturday.

    installing the driver for Mac was smooth. there is a CD driver inside the box (ZT??622). Slot it in my MacBook (10.5.3), double clicked the dmg file, installing and done. need to restart though. Remember NOT to connect your USB modem during installation. Do this after restarting.

    The only problem is that i have to keep inputting the username, phone no, apn every time i want to connect. not really a problem though. besides, it’s good for security.

    The connection is good.

    Am enjoying my surfing the internet with such a fast speed!!!


  6. @andri
    may i have the dmg file from your cd please please? :)
    the driver i have is from ZTE ppl and it’s for IM2 (with Indosat logo in installer n everything)
    so i supposed it is the same driver with the CD version.

  7. My PowerBook G4 running OSX Tiger. Just bought IM2’s MF622 HSDPA usb modem. But its installation software crashed my OS. After successful installation, all applications installed on my G4 are stuck, except Finder. I have to restore from restoration disk. Anyone can help or have good experience with this product? Thanx a lot.

  8. @adhi
    lucky me, i have my leo running well although still unable to use that modem :)
    I think better use Huawei E220. I proved it my self :P

  9. Seems the modem driver is not compatible with Tiger or the IM2 installation disk is suck!
    @nuri: Do you get it from IM2? If it is so, will IM2 replace my modem free or I have to spend some money?

  10. Currently I’m using the Leopard built-in dialer instead of software that given from IndosatM2, and it’s working well. But, I forgot step-by-step to enable it. But, the most I remember, I download the software from IndosatM2, then, uninstall it, then add dialer profile entry.

  11. i am using zte mf622 on tiger 10.4.11 and it works using the cd from Indosat, no upgrade software or failure installation. with this software we don’t have to input the username and password, just click the connect button.

    the problem with me is when restarting the OSX from SUSPEND mode, if the usb modem attached, the my OSX can’t boot until i pull out the cable.
    haven’t try on leopard but i will :)

  12. riski, could you please share the driver and make the installation/setup procedure? :)

  13. i have a g3ibook with 10.4.11 and have a zte mf622 modem how easy is it to get the modem to work on the mac as people say they have problems on newer versions

  14. did zte mf622 just specially for OS mac leopard?
    m2 didm’t ask me about OS i used to.
    i use Win XP… And i get Big Problem to installing.

  15. could anybody please STICK WITH THE topic …
    it’s about ZTE MF622 + Leopard,
    not Windows not Tiger not Linux not anything else :)

    1. it should be for any kind of OS at least windows, mac, linux
    2. please define the detail error/problem you had, always! (if you wanna get some help, otherwise people wont care about your problem anyway)

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