#MozBelajar Part 1 & 2

it is good to share knowledge
it is good to share knowledge

So, what is #MozBelajar?

#MozBelajar is series of events held by Mozilla Reps and Mozillians in Indonesia to introduce The Mozilla Projects to the community as well as conduct knowledge sharing workshops with them.

In the last 2 series, we had workshop about WebMaker, a Mozilla project dedicated to helping you create something amazing on the web. For example, we can learn about how to create a webpage from scratch or remix it from the existing one. We can also make videos in simple and easy way using images we have or again remix it from other web contents. The tools (X-Ray Googles, Thimble, Popcorn Maker), events and teaching guides allow webmakers to not only create the content that makes the web great, but — perhaps more importantly — understand how the web works.

You dont need to be that nerdy geek to make a webpage. Just go with the flow (a lil bit concentration will be helpful) and feel the fun :)

These are some pictures i took from #MozBelajar 2 which was held last July 19th, 2014 in Jakarta. Many thanks to @rendy and qwords.com for providing us the place and bandwidth :)

#MozBelajar Part 2 Photo Gallery

This is a video from #MozBelajar 1 & 2 compiled by Yofie Setiawan


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