[#31DaysOfDecember] 29 – LG G2 (D802)

LG G2 (D802)

I have … well several phones. iPhone5, LG G2 and the bottom of the list is a Firefox OS Flame.

So far i think the best investment i’ve made was my iPhone5. It’s stable, never having issues, all the app i need are there in AppStore and the speaking about UX, well i prefer iOS over any kind of Android. I’m sold to iPhone.

These phones are extension to my photography activities. And when talking about that, my LG-G2 has done awesome jobs.

In daylight, the quality is head to head with the iPhone5 (both using stock camera app). In low light, LG G2 is the winner. LG produced better jpeg than iPhone5. And another strong point in hardware part is LG G2 camera has OIS, optical image stabilization.

OIS help you focus better specially in low light when you need longer shutter release. iPhone5 doesn’t have that, not until iPhone 6 plus released.

Here are some sample of photos I’ve made with LG G2 and its stock camera app. Resize only using Apple Preview.app.

some random people at DWP
again, still in DWP. LG G2 in cloudy daylight. the focus locking also very good
inside apartment with Phillips 23W cool daylight lamp
“spot metering” to my X-T1 LCD :)
Table cloth in Negev. EXIF said it’s in f/2.4 as you can see the shallow DOF. I let the camera in auto focus mode
very low light in DWP day#1 spot metering and focusing
(1) low light image, (2) focusing in low light, awesome!
Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 12.37.39 AM
dim light at Negev couple hours ago, selected focus to that red sangria glass.

Most of my photos during my trip to Kyoto last March were actually taken with this LG G2. So i really recommended it to you who’s looking for a smartphone with very good camera and reasonable price.

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