World Cup 2006

Group A:
– Germany
– Costa Rica
– Poland
– Ecuador
Germany should happy with this. They will keep an eye on Poland more than the other two

Group B:
– England
– Paraguay
– Trinidad & Tobago
– Sweden
Eriksson, coach of England, will play againts his own country, Sweden

Group C:
– Argentina
– Ivory Coast
– Serbia & Montenegro
– Netherlands
This group seems to be group of death. Could Drogba and Ivory Coast make a shock like Senegal did in South Korea/Japan ?

Group D:
– Mexico
– Iran
– Angola
– Portugal
I think Portugal will go to the next round with no much trouble. Mexico is the other candidate

Group E:
United States
Czech Republic
This group could also be another group of death. Italy and Czech have already known as strong teams in Europe. United States could not be underestimated, coz they’re also strong.

Group F:
– Brazil
– Croatia
– Australia
– Japan
If they’re not making mistakes they did during qualification, Brazil will easily go to the next round.

Group G:
– France
– Switzerland
– South Korea
– Togo
France meets Switzerland again. During qualification, France need Zidane, Makalele and Thuram to return to the squad to make miracles. Otherwise, there’ll be Israel replacing France’s place in final.

Group H:
– Spain
– Ukraine
– Tunisia
– Saudia Arabia
Spain and Ukraine will go to the next round.

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