What’s wrong with KlikBCA? (AGAIN!!)

Finally, I have free time to play with my Macbook today. Studying its "anatomi" and "behaviour"-nya. Spent almost 4 hours. It’s nice Leopard make my life easier when connecting to internet using my Nokia N73me :) One thing me and co-that found so irritating on Tiger …

 Well, I’ve installed Firefox and Opera browser but still no hope trying to install ies4osx (running IE via wine, just like ies4linux). Then I remember that I need to topup my prepaid number and also my sister’s number. Accessing klikbca, choose the menu to topup, and i got this screen


What the …. is this because the mac, the safari or what? Tried to access using Firefox, it still display same screen %$($($

Then I select "Informasi Rekening" for checking my account balance, and I got this

What the f**k BCA, where’s my money?
It should be around IDR 2 millions there and now … GONE!!!!!! Nothing!!!!
Tried to access using Firefox (still in Mac), my balance still nothing … !^($!%$%!($%!*$)!)$)!%$)

I experienced this kind of problem with KlikBCA on april last year, and it happens again. 

Well BCA, what’s your explanation?!! Where’s my money?!!

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