Happy Sweet 17, Tamagotchi


Once upon a time in the 90s, there was Tamagotchi and it was a big hit.
Many of my friends (specially girls) were crazy about it.

And couple days ago, this egg-shaped virtual pet key chain celebrating its 17th birthday.

Yea 17 years old game device and I still don’t know what make this key chain so exciting. Same as when people playing the similar thing in Facebook (Pet Society?)

Oh, it even has an app…


Bandai said to be releasing new Tamagotchi line to celebrate its 17years birthday called Tamagotchi Friends. You will still take care your pet in the same way with additional new chars. And when 2 Tamagotchi bumped each other there will be some interaction game between pets.

I don’t have a clue because when talking about Bandai, first things in my mind is Gundam :P

Anyway, happy sweet 17 Tamagotchi :)


-all images are from bandai-asia.com