Managing Your Contacts with Firefox OS

Since the era of iPhone and Android, you’ll rarely heard cases about “losing contacts” because your phone was lost or just stop working. There’ll be no worry because you just need to get a new device, log in to your (gmail/apple id) account and voila! your contacts is restored. It’s so easy compare to Nokia/Blackberry era when you have to hook up your device to computer and do the manual backup as often as you can.

In this post, I will share about importing contacts from your Google account to your Firefox OS device.

1. Open your contacts app

2014-07-26-11-18-182. Click on the Gear icon on the top right corner of the screen. I have only 1 entry in my contacts.

3. You can choose how your contacts will be displayed in order. Based on last name or first name. You can also sync with Facebook. Click on Import Contacts to start

4. There are various sources of contact you can import from. SIM Card, Memory Card, Gmail and Outlook. I’ll use import from Gmail for this

5. You need to log in to your Google account contact-2014-08-01-00-21-16

6. You need to confirm to start importing contacts from your Google Accountcontact-2014-08-01-00-22-10

7. Firefox OS is starting to look up your Google contactcontact-2014-08-01-00-22-18

8. Firefox OS will display all of contacts in your Google account. You can select which one you want to import. Of you can just simply select them all. You have to click on Import button at the top right corner yo start

9. Firefox OS is starting to import contact from your Google accountcontact-2014-08-01-00-22-53

10. Voila! You have your contacts populated in your Firefox OS device :)contact-2014-08-02-09-07-10

Exporting your contacts is a bit old school because you can only export your contacts to memory card of other devices via Bluetooth. I wish at least it can be export/copied to my Google / Mozilla account.

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