[#31DaysOfDecember] 27 – Path Random


“Nuy, what is your Path account?”

“Are you serious not having Path Account?”
Errr, got that question a lot from my friends. Well, I was once a Path user also. But not for long before i delete my account. It is just not for me.

I think i had bit too many social media account and it made me more realize that i’m missing something big. Felt a big hollow inside, i though i’m happy but am i?
I always have a thought for just spending my life in a place like one of Zen temples in Kyoto :P


My youngest brother Didik sent me this photo 2 days ago. He cant visit me on Jakarta for the new year.


Felt so alone, and our childhood memories start flashing before my eyes. It was a hard time, and knowing that now i’m in better condition then my siblings … it makes the hole grow bigger and deeper.

Miss them so much, wish i still have time to meet them and hangout with them more often. Ahh, now i know what my birthday wish is :)

Ok enough for today…..

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