Damn IBM Thinkpad T30

Juli 6, 2004

Yah sebelum berangkat ke acaranya Pak Charles, Indrawan ngasih replacement buat IBM Thinkpad T30 kantor yang bermasalah. Wah gue sih seneng-seneng ajah, krn kasihan T22 gue harus bekerja keras merangkap jadi server mini dengan spek cuman PIII-900. Hardisk dari T30 lama diambil n dipasang ke T30 replacement.

Juli 7, 2004

WinXP-nya lelet abis, maka gue putusin buar reformat+renstall WinDOS XP nya. Setelah minjem DOS n Win dari ITAS proses reformatpun dijalankan. Hasilnya OK. Next proses installasi WinXP, OK. Dilanjutkan proses apply service pack 1. BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.



Kalo menurut keterangan dari Microsoft, errornya terjadi karena page kernel data yang diminta oleh sistem operasi ga bisa dibaca dari paging file untuk di-load ke memori. Atau bisa jadi juga karena master boot record HDD nya kena virus. Buset dah. Sama ajah ternyata ama T30 sebelumnya. Ya udah abis itu gue restart lagi.

Guest what ??

DOS bilang “No fixed disks present.”

What the …..

Jangan pernah beli IBM Thinkpad T30 deh, semua buggy. Masa Thinkpad T22 gue yang speknya jauh di bawah T30 malah lebih reliable. Payah nih kantor, produk buggy gini kok masih ajah diterusin leasingnya … ck ck ck. Yang nyebelin lagi gue ga boleh ganti ke T40 gara2 order laptop sebelumnya diwujudkan berupa T30 sialan itu. Ganggu kerjaan ajah ^$)@*$^(&@%$)!)%_)

Mr. Mankin’s Party and My New Blog

Pheww, today is a “lazy” day. No many activies to be done. Everything is OK.

Weekly winners for simPATI HOKIholiday programme has been generated. 1 will go to Hongkong, the other 10 will get local tour package, 40 will get digital cameras, there are still 100 travel bags and 1000 vouchers @ Rp.50.000. Guest what ? I’ve got nothing hehehehehhehehehe. Well that’s my job.

Additional winner for simPATI Zone quiz has been generated. Statistic of simPATI Zone SMS Quiz has been made.

Not so bad. My FreeBSD has handled more than 17M SMS in 50 days :)

Today’s highlight is Mr. Charles Mankin’s Party at JW Marriot Hotel. He’s been assigned to be Manager of IT Operation Region IV at Makassar, South Sulawesi. Mr. Charlie has many hobbies. Golf, fishing, badminton, bowling etc. He’s always excited when telling me his fishing story :P

Hey, i’ve got a replacement for my broken IBM Thinkpad T30 hehehehehehehhe. T30 is sucks, my own Thinkpad T22 is much better. But it lacks on cpu speed :(. PIII 900Mz vs PIV 1900MHz. I wish i could have the T40 series ….

After lunch, i started designing this blog. I’m in a good mood, I have plenty time, just need to focus. And there it is. After 4 hours playing with my Thinkpad T22 ,I’ve made my own themes and a shoutbox.

Tomorrow I will make a post-comment system, i’ve already had a gallery system so it isnt needed anymore. News feed, maybe a calendar sytem. Hmmm what else ?

euro2004.com breaks record

More than half a billion (500 million) page views and over 40 million visits have been registered on euro2004.com since the site launched on 31 March 2004 – a new record for an official EURO website. This is an increase of more than 285 per cent on the 128.8 million page views registered by euro2000.org.

Visitors from 230 countries

The site, available in nine languages, has received visitors from 230 countries, with over 50 per cent coming from outside Europe – 27 per cent from Asia and 20 per cent from North America. European visitors made up 45 per cent of the site’s traffic.

‘Global audience’

“UEFA EURO 2004â„¢ is a European event, but the euro2004.com traffic figures show that the tournament is followed by a global audience. We are delighted that the site has been used by millions of fans around the world to keep up with all the action in Portugal,” said Alexandre Fourtoy, CEO of UEFA New Media. Furthermore, an online survey of more than 10,000 euro2004.com users conducted during the tournament showed that 97 per cent of respondents value the site as a source of accurate information.

England v Portugal

The record traffic figures have been driven by the success of euro2004.com’s live match console – MatchCentre. For the first time at a EURO tournament, fans had access to live text commentary, real-time statistics and photos, an interactive expert chat and the chance to vote for the official Man of the Match – all in one state-of-the-art application. The service proved popular with users and was responsible for the site’s highest peak during the Portugal v England quarter-final on 24 June, when 16.7 million page views were recorded.

Audio and video service

The euro2004.com Action broadband service gave fans the chance to listen to live audio commentary and watch video highlights of each match shortly after the final whistle. The service has received more than two million visits since its launch and 92 per cent of respondents to the user survey said they were satisfied with the site’s multimedia offering. In total, 75 per cent of visitors accessed euro2004.com using a broadband connection.

Fanzone section

An integral part of the rights package received by official EURO 2004â„¢ partners was the online activation of their rights on euro2004.com. This was achieved by integrating the partners into the site’s content offering with maximum exposure given to the gaming and community features of the Fanzone section of the website. The popularity of these features highlight their success – in total more than 10.7 million visits were made to the Fanzone section.

Produced in-house

“The Official UEFA EURO 2004â„¢ website is an invaluable communication tool for the partners of the competition as it gives a unique legitimacy. Our user survey shows that 80 per cent of euro2004.com users found sponsor communication more credible and less cluttered than advertising on other websites,” said Fourtoy. A team of 40 journalists and technicians from 20 nationalities produced euro2004.com – the first time an official EURO tournament website has been produced completely in-house by UEFA New Media.

©uefa.com 1998-2004. All rights reserved.

third post

this is my third post for testing new template i’ve made

it seems ok :P i hope hehehehhehhehehe


this is my first post at blogger

usually, i’ll make my own blog :)