[Euro 2008] Germany 0 – 1 Spain

Spain won the European Championship 1-0 over Germany. It is the first major title in 44 years. 
Fernando Torres has end up German’s 12 years of racing for a title with nothing.
Michael Ballack has became the runner up specialist …. again.
The Liverpool’s striker has made 33 goals last season. He scored the winning goal for Spain on 33 minutes :P

Germany with 3 Euro and 3 World Cups was no match for the Spaniards tonight. They’re just simply better, playing constantlt through out the tournament. I’m sad for that because I’m a GERMANY supporter :(

Anyway, congratulation Spain.
Torres, your great. Please help Liverpool to get better place this season.
Xabi, dont go!
David Villa, Anfield welcomes you :D