Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting # yawn and smile

Say hi to Attila Atilla.

Born at 8 of June 2013, son of Papa Nugi and Mama Golda. These pictures were taken when he’s 2 days old.

hi, my name is Atilla

Hi, my name is Attila Atilla
yoroshiku onegaishimasu, minna :)

A Fleeting moment can be as simple as enjoying the (first) yawn & smile of a new born baby, imagining how peaceful the world be.


People said I look like my Daddy

i have my daddy's spiky hair style

i have my daddy’s spiky hair style

Oh, I'm on camera,  Smileeeee to Uncle Nuy ^_^

Oh, I’m on camera
Smileeeee to Uncle @nurikidy ^_^

New soul has arrived and it might be our turn to depart