Bowling and Forearms Tendonitis

Tonight I’ve played bowling with Abdi and the gank :) It’s the first time I played bowling in 2008 (another resolution of 2008 :P) and the 2nd time on my life :P 1st round we played 3 games … 5 people in 2 lines :P Well not bad, i can reach above 100 points and make several strikes. 1 double.

We had to finish the game because all the lines will be used for tournament, it’s called Fun Bowling if I’m not mistaken. Than Abdi offered us to join the tournament or not? Why not. Me, ArGun and Faisal join with Abdi and Pak Agus. Well, we’re completely beginner (specially me) with 0 handicap :P Whatever, we just want to continue to play bowling. It’s fun actually hehehehehhe. Again, 5 of us play in 2 lines.Forearm

And it happened. It’s look like my right forearm is injured. It’s my second time playing bowling in my life, so I dont know what kind of warming up I should take before playing the game. It seemed that my first round is the cause of the injury. I played mostly with ball 11 and 12. Maybe too heavy, but I didnt feel it at the moment.

My first swing in second round was kind of hurt. Lost my grip and I almost drop the ball 10. Arrrgghhh, i think i just had what it’s called "Forearm Tendonitis". So, 4 games in second round i mostly played with my left hand. Hey, it’s pretty good. I can used my left hand properly and made some points :P But still, I was only able to make strike with my right hand (painfully … :( ) I force to continue playing  with my right arm although it’s not a good thing to do. I was enjoying the game, what else can i say :P

In most cases, forearm tendonitis can be cured without the need to see a doctor. All i need to do before it’s getting worse is applying R.I.C.E. treatment as soon as possible. R.I.C.E. treatment is the following:

  1. Rest – rest the forearm.
  2. Ice – apply ice to the forearm for 20 minutes at a time.
  3. Compression – apply light pressure to the forearm.
  4. Elevation – elevating the forarm will help reduce pain


Well, it’s abvious that my phisical strength is now questionable hehehehhe :P I hope I don’t need to cancel my yoga class because of this :P