Monday Morning on December

My monday morning agenda was taking my 2009 Rush to Toyota Auto2000 Workshop at Sektor 7. Honestly i felt sad every time I look at it. So dirty and not well maintained. There are some new scratches I knew weren’t there before. It look like being a slave whole time instead of partner :(

I knew it’s a metaphor, but I never treat any of my stuff, whether books, clothes, gadgets, vehicle, anything unmaintained. (except my 2x5m space that supposed to be a garden). Like a pet, you should also take care of it. And it really hurt my feeling.

Anyway, Rush will be in good hands from 10am to 3pm. So where should i go next? Go back home is not an option. Because, there are BLOODY TRAFFIC JAM at Jalan Perigi and Jl Bintaro Utama between McD and Ace Hardware. Both of them because of road maintenance.

Ah, McD. Breakfast and free WiFi :) Internet connection at Toyota Sektor 7 is a hoax. It’s completely sux :P It’s almost 11am and there’s no bazaar and any activities anymore around BTC. To McD, then. Brunch + 2 cups of coffee made me better hehehehehehe.

Cute Baby Boy

Cute Baby Boy

A family sat in front of me and have this baby boy with them. This baby boy was so cute and has nice smile :) He always smile and say baby words every time i waived my hand :)

Remind me of Deden & Ririe ‘s Athar ^_^. Ah Kang Athar how’re you doin now?

Kang Athar

Kang Athar, Karawang 2010-09-13