State of Fear

It happen that right now i’m reading Michael Crichton’s “State of Fear” while stuck at home by the rain.
Saw on the news that China still struggle with mass transportation problem caused by a worst snow storm in last decade. It’s chaos because millions and millions of Chinese people are now on “mudik” tradition for celebrating chinese new year with the family back home.
Jakarta is submerging, samething happen at Pasuruan and Bengawan Solo line (again). Landslide on Aceh kills at least 8 people.
Switch channel. Naked Science pick a very good topic, Big Freeze. What is it? Ever watch a movie called “The Day After Tomorrow”? It worse and it’s happening. Let say Montreal on 1998 as an example.
What a coincident, it all has the same big picture. Extremes in climate variability seem to be the cause of weather changes dramatically, unstable and less predictable. Global warming, environmental destruction. All end up in anger of mother nature. All because of us. Greed of the human kind, suck the planet resources like vampire suck its victims.
Yes, that day is coming. Sooner than we thought.

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