Spammed by

spam by +62 853 18310309

Yeah to the point is a fucking spammer. I never gave my number to them nor subscribe to any services related to them.

But these last couple of days, my cellphone is and still being spammed by that bastard travel agent. Today was from +62 853 18310309 and +62 853 18229062

So these are some screenshot I’ve made and also the suspicious website of A kind of website that typically made by scammer who intend to trap their victim by ‘online’ transaction.

The address said to be in

“REZKY Tour & Travel. Kantor: Jl Tapas X Kav DKI Bl D-8/3 JAKARTA. CALL CENTER: 0853-12934333. 0852-15777765″

But after do some simple googling, that address is registered to PT. Antasena … yea, another travel agent.

So I suggest you guys to be careful with this kind of company, who spammed people cellphone which is a private area for doing their  business.

  1. It’s so f****** anoying
  2. Well you see the way they do business by sending spam SMS and look at their website, suspicious. You can make simple comparison with the real well known travel agents like,,,

spam by +62 853 18229062