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Sunday without sun… well there was sun but not for long and it’s a bit annoying since I relied only natural sun light. Ah forgot to tell, I was having a photo shoot on that Sunday :)

Plus points:

  • got the concepts, communicated and agreed by the client
  • been to the location couple of times, so got the overall idea which corners we should use
  • got the props although not the complete set of my list

Minus points:

  • like i said, cloudy and then rain :( and having problem to meter for creating the silhouette
  • no proper wide angle lens. Rely on Nikon 50mm and OM-D 14-42mm
  • the living room is not as wide as i thought :P

But I hope the result will please them *pheww* Last item in my list will be useful on the next 3 months ^_^

These are some example of yesterday photo shoot.

[nggallery id=28]


If you have something that you considered as a gift, then what is it?
I’ve been blessed with ability to quickly familiar with kids. And cats. :P

After photo session, I went to visit #KakakRaka and see the little Adena at BSD. First to see him and #KakakRaka has a quite long scratch on his left cheek :( So, we call him now as “Raka Battosai” :P

We had long afternoon walk around the neighbourhood. Commenting every dogs and cats he saw along the way. Later on i realised we’ve been circling the neighbourhood for couple of times. For a 19 months old boy, #KakakRaka is so full of energy. And my shape is just that bad :P *phewww*

But it was fun ^_^

Hi, i am Nuri. Just another IT guy working on fintech and telco at Jakarta, Indonesia. While tech stuff became my daily breakfast, i also love to travel around the globe and taking photos also. I DJ on my spare time while dealing with any mess my 9 cats made at home :)

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