[SF Trip] Visiting Mozilla Space San Francisco

mozspacesf-logo7 Oct 2013, Summit over the night before. Most of us will fly back home, back to daily routine office, college, shool etc. Some will spend another day or two just for sight seeing. Let say, Jan from Holland going to surf at Santa Cruz, Ash’kary from Bangladesh have a road trip to east coast.

Me? I’ll be spend a day at San Francisco with the girls (@rara79 & @eriskatp) First stop is Mozilla Office San Francisco, @rara79 has appointment with Emily (the one from WPR tables next to Mozilla Indonesia table in MozFair day #1).

It’s kind of late. Based on my checklist we should go to SF from Santa Clara CalTrain station maximum at 9am. We board at the train around 11am. And the first thing cross my mind when inside the train is … Source Code movie. Also met Rizki from Yogya at the train.

CalTrain took about 1hr 30min from Santa Clara to SF and cost you about $9. From SF Caltrain Station we need to take a cable train to get to Mozilla SF office at Harrison St. Cost you about $2.

The weather was perfect (OK, it’s lil bit chill) for walking down the street. MozSpace at SF is nice, I wish that someday we could have one at Indonesia.

Met Emily, have a little tour inside. Josh already busy with lines code in his big monitor screen. William playing pingpong at 7th floor :) The view from this floor is amazing. I’m willing to stay overnight almost every night with this view :P I can imagine it’s getting prettier in the afternoon with all the lamps around the bridge and the building around.

From MozSpace SF, we go to Twitter office. Another $2 using subway.

That’s all for MozSpaceSF visit, as usual you can find more photos in my [button color=’blue’ size=’small’ link=’http://flickr.com/photos/nuri_abidin/’]flickr[/button] account :)

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