1981 Landings Drive Building K


Mozilla Spaces around the world

Mozilla Spaces around the world

That is the map of Mozilla Spaces

For some point, I assumed those are also Mozilla Offices.

But before all of those stars on the map above, there was  this building.

Building K

if you open the wikipedia entry about Mozilla Foundation, you could see that photo also (from different angle). It’s located on 1981 Landings Drive, Building K.

1981 Landings Drive Building K, Mountain View - CA

37°25’6″N 122°5’15″W

And we are very grateful to Pascal that has brought us there. He told us stories about the building and the people. About the highway 101, the Google canteen across the street and many other else. I’m sure the team that’s been long with Mozilla  will have many stories to be told about that time :)

at the starting point :P

at the starting point :P

The building was the former office shared by both the Mozilla Foundation and the Mozilla Corporation until July 2009. It could be the Netscape building, but I think this is the place where everything ‘Mozilla’ (not just the browser) was started


This a blogpost from Justin Dolske telling the history about the bay area where Mozilla San Francisco Office is now.

Mozilla office history

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