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    [#31DaysOfDecember] 30 – Motorist Mental

    Ah shut up and i don’t give a damn with bunch of reasons you always arguing. You guys are having mental problem and there’s only empty shell inside those helmets. I was in the very left of the line, and yet there are still these morons in my left *speechless*. They’re blocking the road, so any vehicle will have difficulties to turn left and then they will start honking. No wonder this country and Jakarta is still in a mess… Taken using LG G2 and probably these are my last photos with this amazing Android phone.  

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    [#31DaysOfDecember] 29 – LG G2 (D802)

    I have … well several phones. iPhone5, LG G2 and the bottom of the list is a Firefox OS Flame. So far i think the best investment i’ve made was my iPhone5. It’s stable, never having issues, all the app i need are there in AppStore and the speaking about UX, well i prefer iOS over any kind of Android. I’m sold to iPhone. These phones are extension to my photography activities. And when talking about that, my LG-G2 has done awesome jobs. In daylight, the quality is head to head with the iPhone5 (both using stock camera app). In low light, LG G2 is the winner. LG produced better…

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    [#31DaysOfDecember] 28 – #Room41

    We have a room called #Room41 in City Plaza 11th floor. It’s a working room, an entertainment room, a meditation room, and the worst of all it is also unofficial smoking room :( Since i put some of my toy collection + drawing paper and some color pens in there, it’s also functioned as kindergarten room. Kang Rudy or Adhep sometimes bring their “toys” also, then it is became something like a hacker-space. The drawing above made by Tata. She’s around 5-6 years old, a very nice and funny little princess :) That’s a precious drawing. Planned to put it on a frame but the cleaning service took it away…

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    [#31DaysOfDecember] 27 – Path Random

    “Nuy, what is your Path account?” “Are you serious not having Path Account?” Errr, got that question a lot from my friends. Well, I was once a Path user also. But not for long before i delete my account. It is just not for me. I think i had bit too many social media account and it made me more realize that i’m missing something big. Felt a big hollow inside, i though i’m happy but am i? I always have a thought for just spending my life in a place like one of Zen temples in Kyoto :P Anyway… My youngest brother Didik sent me this photo 2 days…

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    [#31DaysOfDecember] 26 – Boxing Day

    Long before, i knew Boxing day only as a day after Christmas (which is 26 December) where English Premier League teams should play a match. After extending my reading hobby to browser around wikipedia, it turns out to be the day (in commonwealth countries) when you open your Christmas present/gifts. Since I’m a moslem, i think i will still use boxing day term as the time to watch my EPL team playing and perhaps opening my birthday gifts :P Oh, thank you so much, guys :) I’ll take the dark chocolate, you can have the other two \^_^/

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    [#31DaysOfDecember] 25 – NARU Tracklist

    25 December, Happy birthday to one of my fave DJ and producers, Armin van Buuren. Ternyata kena tegor Soundcloud karena saya menggunakan lagu Gravity-nya Blasterjaxx sementara saya lom punya copyright-nya dari Spinnin’ Record. Jadi postingan dibawah termasuk mixsetnya terpaksa di-offline-kan dulu :) —– Hari ini standby NARU di kantor, 2 shift langsung. Iseng-iseng bikin mixset, tapi kayanya berantakan gini karena hanya modal mouse doang :P Tuh S2 mestinya ditaruh di kantor ajah kali yah? :D Anyway, buat rekan-rekan, teman-teman kristiani, met Natal 2015 yah :)