How To Upgrade Your Huawei P9+ to EMUI 5 (Nougat)

This post is intended for Huawei P9/P9+ owners out there who wont give a shit anymore to Huawei for their incapability of delivering proper Android update for their own products. This method might also applicable for another Huawei smartphone series.

Big thanks for TeamMT for dedicating their time to make Hw Firmware Finder app and also people in xda-developer forum.

In order to complete this tutorial, what you need to prepare are:

  1. Patient, big one, we’re dealing with Huawei here. Therefore, your battery should be at least 80% ??
  2. Internet quota for your smartphone, big one also, we’re dealing with big size files download. Average size could be 2GB++. Fast WiFi connection will be more helpful ?
  3. Decision whether or not you will buy another Huawei phone in the future?

Phase #1

This phase will guide you to get to know your device code, region code, install Firmware Finder App.

  1. First thing first to do -and it is crucial- is checking which region your P9+ device is. Simply dial *#*#2846579#*#*, choose “3. Network Information Query” and then “4. Vendor Country Info”.
    In my case, my vendor id is hw (Huawei), I assume this is global device not locked/built for particular operator. Country code is spcseas for Asia outside China mainland. I got mine from Hongkong.

  • Check your device model and latest installed firmware. Simply go to Settings -> About Phone



    • Model number VIE-L29 represent my Huawei P9+ dual sim 4/64
    • VIE-L29C636B320
    • VIE-L29 is device model number
    • C636 is region code, in this case Asia
  • Install Firmware Finder by TeamMT from Playstore. The free version is enough but if you’d like to support the team, you can purchase the app.

  • Run the Firmware Finder app

    • click on refresh icon in lower right to see the list of available firmware for your device

  • click on menu drawer in top left , go to Settings menu and enable “Use Proxy for install” and also “Show packages for current region”

  • When you enable “Use Proxy for install” it will ask you to download Firmware Finder Proxy Add-on.

  • While downloading the add-on, you need to adjust your Android security setting. Otherwise, this add-on wont be able to install. Go to Settings -> Advance Settings -> Security in Device Administration section enable “Unknown Source“ option.
  • After finishing proxy add-on you can now install it. Use Files app and click on “Download and favorites” category. Or navigate to Local -> Internal Storage -> Download. Click on it to install.
  • Phase #2

    These steps will help you setting up proxy using your operator mobile broadband or through Wi-Fi connection. This proxy is required by Firmware Finder to “trick” the EMUI Updater/System Updater :)

    — Proxy using mobile broadband

    1. Go to Settings -> More… -> Mobile network -> Access Point Names
    2. From there you can create new/duplicate APN entry using your operator settings. All you need to do is set Proxy value to localhost and Port to 8080
    3. The sample used here is using my operator Telkomsel (Indonesia).

    — Proxy using Wi-Fi connection.

    From your WiFi setting, you can add new WiFi network or edit current WiFi settings.

    1. To modify existing WiFi connection simply long press the WiFi name, there will be a pop up and select Modify network.
    2. Select “Show advance options” -> select proxy to manual.
    3. Proxy hostname: localhost
    4. Proxy port: 8080

    Phase #3 Hunting the proper firmware

    1. Open Firmware Finder App

  • Select the proper firmware version of your device. Always select the firmware name containing “FullOTA”. The size will be around 1.6GB at minimum and can be more than 2.2GB. Make sure you have more than enough space left in your P9+
  • I recommend you to select 1 version above your current version first to be save. In this case I update my P9+ from B320 to B362, previously I went from original B103 ? B180 ? B202 ? B320
  • Alwas click on “Check Firmware Access” menu to check whether or not the firmware version is approved for your device.
  • If your selected firmware is approved for your P9+ you just need to click “SEND FIRMWARE TO UPDATED” button
  • Go to Settings ? Updater/System Updater but DON’T CLICK the “Chek for updates” button.
  • Instead, click on 3 dots on the upper right and choose “Download latest full packages” it will download the 2GB+ firmware you’ve selected from FF app. It seems i’ve mistakenly selected 540MB version of B362, but I’m sure you got the point :)
  • after download finish, your phone will restart and the new firmware will be installed.

    That’s all guys, very long steps eh? :)

    I hope this tutorial will help you to upgrade your P9/P9+ device. Some Mate 8/9 users reported success upgrading their devices using this method.


    ps: I re-flashed my P9+ with proper B362 FullOTA firmware :)

    One thought on “How To Upgrade Your Huawei P9+ to EMUI 5 (Nougat)

    1. Syahril

      Huawei Mate 9 ku terakhir update L29C636B181 Patch Security nya Mei 2017..
      Kalo cek pake update biasa ga bakal muncul kenapa ya? Itu aja ane dari B158 ke B181 pake firmware finder, kalo Ndak ga bakal ada update nya.
      Nah ini cek B187 kok belum di approved Katanya?belum bisa access. Itu kira² kenapa ya?


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