Make Every Seconds Count

Hi there, it’s me again. I had no idea what to write today, so how about talking your weekend?

Some of you might gone in vacation. It’s a long weekend in Indonesia, would be better to spent it on a happy trip with your friends and family isn’t it? ^_^

Or watching the new Star Trek movie perhaps?


Well, today I sent my car to have a body repair. You’ll have a big chance to get fucked up in Jakarta’s awful traffic *one of the worst in south east asia* And it’s my car’s turn this time. Seriously, with every shitty things i’ve got so far, i’d be so glad knocking that f*** driver’s head with a wrench and smile.

So, i’ll be car-less for few weeks but that’s fine. I haven’t drive it much anyway. Still got my bike and now i wonder why i bought that car in the first place :P Too soon. I mean first although odometer record 8000km, i drove it my self less than 1500km. Second, last couple weeks i just knew that i might have another car *hey, it’s a compliment of what i’ve been doing last decade* :D That’s ok, somebody else might need it, so it’s still useful.

Like I said, traffic in Jakarta and its suburb are the worst in the country. Stuck more than one hour just to get out from Bintaro. Another 2 hours to get back to Bintaro from the car workshop because your taxi driver just wont listen to take the route you chose (/facepalm)

akane's wound

1 wound out of 3 :(

Poor Man GPRS :P

Poor Man GPRS :P

Poor Man GPRS :P

Poor Man GPRS :P


My friend Charlie’s car

I’m lucky compare to him :P


Charlie’s car at the workshop

2 more days to finish

Spent almost the entire evening on the bed to get my head better. Lampard finally broke his club record today. His to goals on 1-2 victory over Aston Villa make him Chelsea’s all-time highest scorer. 203 goals so far, surpassing former Chelsea striker Bobby Tambling’s long-standing club record. Not a Chelsea fan, but Lampard is surely awesome. Congratulation, Frankie.

Frank Lampard of Chesea

Frank Lampard of Chesea

Watching again Jake Gyllenhaal’s source code on HBO and always caught by this dialog

Colter Stevens: what would you do if you knew you had less than one minute to live?
Chistina Warren: I’d make those seconds count


That’s where this blog post title came from.

Well I never knew how much i’ve got so better to always make it count. Be helpful for others. Make more people happy.

Got my first maternity photo session tomorrow morning. Hope result will be good and pleased the couple. That will make 2 (+1 in the future) more people happy :)

*sigh* another sleepless midnight passed..

So, what is your weekend about?