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[#31DaysOfDecember] Day 8 – Shoes


I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes.

– Oprah Winfrey

Ini sepatu harian saya, dah menemani saya klayapan ke 2 benua.

Kemana-mana defaultnya pake ini lah. Entah itu buat ngantor, nge-mall bahkan kondangan hehehehe.

Sayang banget waktu traveling ke Perancis serta ke Australia kemarin dia ga saya bawa. Yah karena di jadwal perjalanan itu ada acara formal yang saya rasa kok kayanya ngenyek tuan rumah banget kalo datang pake Merrel. Selain itu ga ada tempat lagi di tas saya untuk tambahan sepatu.

Akhirnya yang saya bawa adalah Sketcher Montz Konic yang super sucks ga enak banget kalo dipake jalan jauh (beneran jalan kaki yah) apalagi kalo kamu traveling dalam waktu yang lama.

Kalo dipake 2-3 jam dalam sehari mungkin masih ok, kalo kalo seharian (dan berhari-hari) mending buang ajah deh tuh Sketcher. Sangat ga saya rekomendasikan buat traveling.

Tujuan berikutnya suhu bisa mencapai -10, saya akan pakai si Merrel itu. Ga mo tahu pokoknya :P Tengah tahun 2015 nanti rencananya akan ke Semeru, kita lihat daya tahan sepatu ini nanti di sana.

Sepatu favorit kedua saya adalah Crocs. 2 minggu tinggal di Shenzhen (dan 2 bulan sebelumnya sok kuat lari-lari naik turun sepotong bagian tembok cina) membuat saya cedera Plantar fasciitis. Dan bantalan sepatu/sendal Crocs ini sangat-sangat membantu telapak kaki saya.

Crocs pertama says seri Santa Cruz, my fave of all time.

Thanks buat @jgtrz yang beberapa tahun lalu mau saya repotin nitip beli sepatu ini di Singapore :P

[#31DaysOfDecember] Day 7 – Something RED

Strawberry in Louvre

Yayyyy, lucky number 7 :)

What you have in December 7?

Birthday? Anniversary? Something good? I hope there’s no bad things today. Even weather in Jakarta is … well, good enough :)

speaking of red, dont forget about this one :)Speaking of red, don’t forget about this one :)

Taken using Fujifilm X100s handeld. Next time remind me to bring a tripod

I just realised that i’m kinda attached to this colour. My car is red, my soccer teams wearing red, my iPad cover is red, even my desk lamp is also red *just noticed it :P*

[#31DaysOfDecember] Day 6 – Animal


I’m good with cats, back in my childhood i was surrounded by cats. Sometimes my mom got upsets because suddenly too many cats at home and everything got messy :P Sorry, Mom.

I really want to have one as pet but then i choose not to. Just being realistic, leaving home at 6-7am and back at 10pm or more is bad for pets. I won’t able to take care of them properly and afraid they’ll just end up die because of that.

So, I just ‘hang out’ with stray cats around my house.  Matter of fact, there are too many cats in the neighbourhood and i can say that 99 of them are not pets.

Whenever I went home at night, i used to bring food for me. A little portion for the cats. Feeding and patting them and play throw food for a while kind of make me relax :) First there’s only one, and then another one and another one. My house will be a cats basecamp someday *arrghhh*

I call this one ‘Ndut’, it kind of angry because I was playing with the food instead of just give it to them like usually :P

Taken using Nikon D90 with 50/1.8 wide open. Well, sometimes you have to make the moment to be captured by your camera :D

[#31DaysofDecember] Day 5 – Low Angle


This picture was taken using only my iPhone5 edited with Snapseed app.

Take a metro from Charles de Gaulle – Etoile and alight at Bier Hakeim. Right in the corner of Australian Embassy,  I saw the Iron Lady standing tall right there pointing to the sky.

Still amazed watching her from this close :)


[#31DaysofDecember] Day 4 – Cloud


It’s raining season already in Indonesia, so most of the day the sky will be covered by cloud specially here in Jakarta. I don’t have any good cloud photos lately. Well it’s only dark cloud by i think there are some condition we can make nice photos of it. I’ll try to get take the picture later.

Anyway, this is the latest decent cloud photo that i have for this post. Taken from my flight back from Sydney to Jakarta.

[#31DaysofDecember] Day 3 – Something Old



This old vintage typewriter belong to the owner of the apartment where I stayed during my last visit to Paris. She said that this is her family heritage dated back to World War I.

The AEG logo there stand for Allgemeine Elektricitäts Gesellschaft, this company was founded at 1883. And I think that typewriter it self was made between 1920-1930. It’s working though, but i asked her to stop typing because I’m afraid there will be parts falling/broken :) It should be taken care very carefully.


and this is a rock version remake of vintage song Boys of Summer by Don Henley