[#31DaysOfDecember] 12 – #DWP14 Day 1


Today i’ve parted my self with my iPhone5 completely :)
No big deal, I’m just planning to sell it. Now i’m switching back using my LG G2, temporarily (planning to sell it also :P).

12th day of Desember is the first day of #DWP14 Djakarta Warehouse Project.
And my LG G2 is a perfect companion for that with it’s OIS lens and good capability of lowlight.[...] Read the full article

[#31DaysOfDecember] Day 9 – Long Exposure



Di hari ke-9 ini saya memilih topik soal “Long Exposure

Saya bisa dibilang cukup jarang ngambil foto long exposure, lebih karena masalah meluangkan waktu saja sih. Motret light panning di jalanan Jakarta sebenarnya asyik juga kok :)

Cita-cita saya adalah motret bintang, star trail dengan kumpulan bintang bima sakti.[...] Read the full article

[#31DaysOfDecember] Day 8 – Shoes


I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes.

– Oprah Winfrey

Ini sepatu harian saya, dah menemani saya klayapan ke 2 benua.

Kemana-mana defaultnya pake ini lah. Entah itu buat ngantor, nge-mall bahkan kondangan hehehehe.

Sayang banget waktu traveling ke Perancis serta ke Australia kemarin dia ga saya bawa.[...] Read the full article

[#31DaysOfDecember] Day 6 – Animal


I’m good with cats, back in my childhood i was surrounded by cats. Sometimes my mom got upsets because suddenly too many cats at home and everything got messy :P Sorry, Mom.

I really want to have one as pet but then i choose not to. Just being realistic, leaving home at 6-7am and back at 10pm or more is bad for pets.[...] Read the full article

[#31DaysofDecember] Day 5 – Low Angle


This picture was taken using only my iPhone5 edited with Snapseed app.

Take a metro from Charles de Gaulle – Etoile and alight at Bier Hakeim. Right in the corner of Australian Embassy,  I saw the Iron Lady standing tall right there pointing to the sky.

Still amazed watching her from this close :)

[...] Read the full article