Dark Age has come

Today, i cant access my multiply account. I never post or comment anything about that f*cking Geert Wilders’s film and never put an interest on it. Now, i have this


Based on letter from Ministry of Communication and Information (click here) , it said to do content filtering, not blocking the whole domain and not spesifically said to block youtube, myspace, multiply, …. sigh. Last night, the ministry has informal meeting with some bloggers and hackers in his office, and he said the same

Admin, why dont you also block google.com, yahoo.com? Or just plug the cable out, there will be no more Fitna film coming from internet

By the way, i’m still able to access porn sites. Why these kind of sites are not blocked yet?


*sigh* I assume, sooner my blogger account will also be inaccessible because the whole blogspot.com is blocked

Goodby youtube, goodbye multiply
Welcome to the dark age ….

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Do they got compensation because of this?