Mozilla Summit 2013 – Day 03

In the previous posts (in Bahasa Indonesia but i’ll post the english version if you want it) you might feel that i’m trying to write a report about the summit. Well I did try, but actually it’s more to sharing my feeling, the exiting being in the summit and the whole topic in the last 3 days. The new tech that most of them I barely know, the people, the project, the cause, the vision, the values of Mozilla and being a Mozillian and so on

This is it, the last day of the summit.
Felt like it was just yesterday the summit begun. There are still many people i’d like to meet, talk, discuss and plenty of things need to be learnt. But more important is i need to contribute more. And join more groups also :)

Therefore I specifically attend the SuMo (Support Mozilla) class to meet Rosana and Madalina, the wonderwomen behind SuMo Projects and the other fellow SuMo as well. Andi @belutz and @rara79 also join this class. I’ll make the post about it later.

In the afternoon, we had a visit to Mozilla HQ at Castro Street, Mountain View lead by Pascal Finette. It was only for the first 50 person who signed up but i think we had excess passenger :P So, 50 people using the bus, the other 2 or 3 people taking taxi he he he.

After the closing speech, this summit end with a dance party where Gen Kanai being the DJ that night and played a lot of nice music :)

As usual, you can view the rest of the photos on my flickr
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