[#31DaysofDecember] Day 3 – Something Old



This old vintage typewriter belong to the owner of the apartment where I stayed during my last visit to Paris. She said that this is her family heritage dated back to World War I.

The AEG logo there stand for Allgemeine Elektricitäts Gesellschaft, this company was founded at 1883. And I think that typewriter it self was made between 1920-1930. It’s working though, but i asked her to stop typing because I’m afraid there will be parts falling/broken :) It should be taken care very carefully.


and this is a rock version remake of vintage song Boys of Summer by Don Henley

[#31DaysofDecember] Day #1, Self Portrait


Hmmm, kadang ada satu titik di mana kamu ngerasa kering, kosong.
Your brain is kinda stuck there’s no idea come out
Your plans not working or maybe have no time to do the plans.
You feel like losing your sparks, the light is dimming out

Buat refreshing, saya coba mendisiplinkan diri deh untuk 31 hari ke depan.

Paling ga akan membuat 1 postingan tiap harinya

1 photo, 1 blog post a day :)

Di postingan terakhir instagram, saya ngasih caption lirik lagu Sky Full of Stars nya Coldplay yang saya plesetin dikit sesuai fotonya :) Nah berikut ini video klip lagu tersebut.

A Day Before Christmas Day

is my birthday !!!!

See, i love making surprises for people around me. I think i have countless success on making surprises :P In the other hand, i almost make everybody mumbling when they try to surprise me :P Because i could read their plans :P

Yea I know it’s not fun, but it’s fun for me for playing Sherlock Holmes :P So they’re not fail after all.

Among those people who succeeded, completely make fun of me were Belutz and Rara. Belutz is my old pal, someday after wandering around Mal Ambassador we’re went to Daeng Tata for dinner. He has never tried konro bakar if i’m not mistaken. I didnt know how, but he’s already has a secret plan with Rara that today was at Jakarta without telling me.

And there, while talking to Belutz (later i knew it was a distraction), suddenly Rara showed up behind my back. And i just like …. frozen by surprise. I eat a big slice of meat, still chewing when she appeared. I dont know what my face look like at that time. Yea yea yea, they got me. Big time. Laugh as much as you like guys.

And today, they success again. Oh, minus Belutz this time.

Wednesday night, I supposed to take Rara home after watching Guillever’s Travel. Tomorrow she’ll fly back to Makassar and i’m 200% sure she hasn’t pack her stuff yet. End up i’ll be the one to do the packing. I can help her tomorrow because i have to work.

Well, we stop at McD because she need the internet connection for her work. OK, i need to eat also. And read some RSS.  She went to the car to take her MacBook Charger and I’m busy with chicken nuggets and some articles.

When she came back (haven’t notice at all actually) there is a birthday cake in front of me.

Arrrgghhhhhh, is it 24 December already? I always forgot my birthday until my phone ringing by calls and sms.

Me and My Bday Cake

I’m sure my face was much worse than this at Daeng Tata. But it’s enough to make ppl at McD smiling :P

Thank you so much honey, you got me again today. It’s a delicious cake, too bad i’m full. You should stop me order the food before :P

Thanks you also for Nugi-Golda and Romy The Tub for staying with us until 3am :P And Yiyit, long time no see komandan :)

People at the office thought i’m taking a day off. I  thought most people will take a day off today. So it’s another surprises for me when at office, seemed like nobody taking day off and congratulate me. Even Kanya and Sofie were singing happy birthday for me :P

dhika-shania-dio n tante sofie :P

Ok seriously guys, where are my birthday presents? :P

2 weeks before new year

Wooo, it’s been a week i’m not blogging :)

Got a photography workshop last weekend, half day photo session at Kota tua on Sunday.

3 days workshop at Jakarta. Pretty busy for the end of 2010 :)

Haven’t take many pictures, but here they are.

Usual place, Sudirmara Train station on Monday morning. I got nice lines in the picture from the train, the roof, border line on the floor :P


I Love Sushi!!

It’s my lunch (opening menu actually :P) during 3 days workshop at JW Marriot :P *yummy*

The Dark Cloud

Jakarta’s weather is not so nice last couple weeks. You can see the dark cloud behind Mall Ambassador building overthere. I took this picture from JW Marriot toilet :P

I’ll make post about photo session and my new Nikkor 50mm f/1.8. It’s cheap lens, and a superb one :)

Beautiful Failures

xmas tree at Cilandak Town Square

Quoting my photography mentor, Madia Krisnadi

“Photography is about compromise, choose 1 priority, compromise with the rest of aspects. Photography is also a matter of like and dislike. Once you dislike a picture, you’ll find thousand way to say it. ”

So, dont worry. No matter what your gear is, just shoot :)

@Starbuck fX Senayan

Starbucks fX lifecenter Senayan

Starbucks fX lifecenter Senayan


  • i set my LX5 to manual/apperture priority f/2.0 … usually using 1/30″
  • macro mode, put my cinamon roll under table (still on top of sofa actually)
  • focus to cinamon roll, lock it then recompose to the lamps :)
  • i use my toe to set focus in citos :P

hope you like it :)