[#31DaysOfDecember] 26 – Boxing Day


Long before, i knew Boxing day only as a day after Christmas (which is 26 December) where English Premier League teams should play a match. After extending my reading hobby to browser around wikipedia, it turns out to be the day (in commonwealth countries) when you open your Christmas present/gifts.

Since I’m a moslem, i think i will still use boxing day term as the time to watch my EPL team playing and perhaps opening my birthday gifts :P

Oh, thank you so much, guys :)

I’ll take the dark chocolate, you can have the other two \^_^/

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[#31DaysOfDecember] 25 – NARU Tracklist


25 December,

Happy birthday to one of my fave DJ and producers, Armin van Buuren.

Ternyata kena tegor Soundcloud karena saya menggunakan lagu Gravity-nya Blasterjaxx sementara saya lom punya copyright-nya dari Spinnin’ Record. Jadi postingan dibawah termasuk mixsetnya terpaksa di-offline-kan dulu :)


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[#31DaysOfDecember] 22 – Happy Mother’s Day



22 December is celebrated as Mother’s Day in Indonesia. In many countries, the date is changed to fit each country’s culture, tradition, custom or existing holidays.

Today, mothers-mothers to be-mothers wanna be in City Plaza are celebrating it with this photo session :)

Happy Mother’s Day

That’s all.

I’ll share the rest of the photo via dropbox, Ladies :)

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