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    Managing Your Contacts with Firefox OS

    Since the era of iPhone and Android, you'll rarely heard cases about "losing contacts" because your phone was lost or just stop working. There'll be no worry because you just need to get a new device, log in to your (gmail/apple id) account and voila! your contacts is restored. It's so easy compare to Nokia/Blackberry era when you have to hook up your device to computer and do the manual backup as often as you can. In this post, I will share about importing contacts from your Google account to your Firefox OS device.

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    A Week with Firefox OS Flame

    disclaimer: I’m still using the stock version of the o/s shipped with Flame which is I haven’t hook the device up to my Mac and do something with either AppManager, AppMaker or anything else Following my previous post about unboxing Firefox OS Flame, it’s now time write a little review about the device. I was using the phone for the past week, not doing much actually. Mostly i used it for making couple of calls (voice and ussd), browsing, trying some apps, taking screenshots and photos. So here it is. For a very young O/S, Firefox OS has done pretty well to serve the basic, as a phone O/S.…

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    Unboxing Firefox OS Flame

    At MozSummit 2013, me and a fellow developer from France asked (or maybe complaint :P) at Chris Heilmann class about the difficulties on getting Firefox OS device. Sometimes simulator is not enough. You need to test your functions, your app in a real device to get the feel and to get to know that it will actually work. At that time, only Geeksphone selling Keon and Peak to open market. But they seemed to be unable to fulfil the developers’s enthusiasm to get the device. They’re just small company anyway (we’re talking about Samsung, Huawei class of manufacture :P). Meanwhile, device makers like ZTE/Alcatel only sell the device as part…

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    #MozBelajar Part 1 & 2

    So, what is #MozBelajar? #MozBelajar¬†is series of events held by Mozilla Reps and Mozillians in Indonesia to introduce The Mozilla Projects to the community as well as conduct knowledge sharing workshops with them. In the last 2 series, we had workshop about WebMaker, a Mozilla project dedicated to helping you create something amazing on the web. For example, we can learn about how to create a webpage from scratch or remix it from the existing one. We can also make videos in simple and easy way using images we have or again remix it from other web contents. The tools (X-Ray Googles, Thimble, Popcorn Maker), events and teaching guides allow…

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    a Chromecast. Wait, is that…. FirefoxCast?

    Ada yang tahu Chromecast? Buat yang belum, Chromecast ini adalah perangkat keluaran Google untuk video streaming yang bentuknya ga lebih gede dari USB stick yang kamu punya. Harganya hanya $35, bisa diorder di Amazon atau coba tanya ke toko-toko komputer/elektronik terdekat. Lihat video dibawah ini deh. Sudah selesai menyimak video iklannya? Nanti bisa nyambung ke video paling bawah untuk gambaran lebih detil mengenai perangkat ini yah :) Nah, sekarang beritanya. Mozilla dikabarkan sedang membuat perangkat sejenis tapi tentu saja dengan Firefox OS sebagai sistem operasinya. Eh yang beneran nih? Ummm, proyek ini sih sebenarnya masih misterius dan belum dikonfirmasi. Cuman tweet dari Chris Heilmann 2 hari lalu sepertinya semakin…