[Photo] Lenka Live at Jakarta 2013 Part 01

As I promised in my previous post and I will make a different posts for Lenka's photos during her concert at Skenoo Hall, Gandaria City - Jakarta 4 May 2013. This first part will cover her first 3 songs. I hope the sequence is correct :P Trouble is a Friend / Roll With The Punches / Everything's OK

Lenka Live in Concert – Jakarta 2013

Pada tahu Lenka kan? Kalo belum silakan baca profile penyanyi sekaligus penulis lagu kelahiran Australia di sini deh :) Kenapa tiba-tiba nanyain tentang Lenka? Karena Lenka semalam baru saja mengadakan konser di Jakarta. Bertempat di Skenoo Hall, Gandaria City – Jakarta, ini merupakan penampikan ketiga Lenka di Indonesia. Nah berikut laporan seadanya dari konser pelantun lagu The Show ini.
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My life in last 2 weeks, March 2013

Another sleepless night and i wont touch those xanax the doctor gave me just to get sleep. Nope! But in the other hand, this insomnia make me think brighter. Well not always ^_^. Tonight weather looks fine and it's a quiet night actually here at Bintaro. I've read many articles in these last couple of hours, clear up some space after selecting some photos i shot lately. Wrote 2 blog entries. But still stuck doing some geeky stuffs. My fingers seems to reject me for typing codes, but they did good blogging :P