[#31DaysOfDecember] 12 – #DWP14 Day 1


Today i’ve parted my self with my iPhone5 completely :)
No big deal, I’m just planning to sell it. Now i’m switching back using my LG G2, temporarily (planning to sell it also :P).

12th day of Desember is the first day of #DWP14 Djakarta Warehouse Project.
And my LG G2 is a perfect companion for that with it’s OIS lens and good capability of lowlight.[...] Read the full article

[#31DaysOfDecember] Day 8 – Shoes


I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes.

– Oprah Winfrey

Ini sepatu harian saya, dah menemani saya klayapan ke 2 benua.

Kemana-mana defaultnya pake ini lah. Entah itu buat ngantor, nge-mall bahkan kondangan hehehehe.

Sayang banget waktu traveling ke Perancis serta ke Australia kemarin dia ga saya bawa.[...] Read the full article

[#31DaysofDecember] Day 5 – Low Angle


This picture was taken using only my iPhone5 edited with Snapseed app.

Take a metro from Charles de Gaulle – Etoile and alight at Bier Hakeim. Right in the corner of Australian Embassy,  I saw the Iron Lady standing tall right there pointing to the sky.

Still amazed watching her from this close :)

[...] Read the full article

Paris Kota Romantis


Paris kota romantis. Hmmmm…. tergantung sih. Tapi definisi romantis masing-masing orang kan beda. You’ll know when you’re there :)

Di Paris, hampir semua tempat bisa jadi romantis sih. Jalan-jalan sepanjang Champs Elysees sampe Louvre (romantis + gempor for some people :P), maen ke museum + taman, dansa di bantaran sungai, Eiffel hingga ngemper di jembatan pun bisa jadi romantis lho :)

Ngomongin soal jembatan -ini jembatan yang nyeberangin sungai yah- di Paris ga bisa dianggap hal sepele.[...] Read the full article