Ma Petite Souer

Hehehehehehe, we’re not talking about rara’s nephew. But Jordy Lemoine.
Jordy who ?
Triggered by a thread on tweety femmy‘s blog, I try to make a flashback for you.

Jordy Lemoine, born on January 14,1988. He’s French.
In 1992 he made a sensational form in music industry. His singel “Dur dur d’etre bebe’ staying at #1 for about 15 weeks in France. The song was written and produced by his parents. The second single “Alison” and the first album “Pochette Surprise” were also sucessful and it made his fame spread worldwide. Both of single and album went platinum lho. He went on a publicity tour to USA where he was the gust of Michael Jackson.

On returning to France, he recorded the second album “Potion Magique”. But it was less sucessful the the first one altough the first track song featured in John Travolta’s “Look who’s talking now!”.

In 94 he was band from raido & tv in France, because they thought his parents were exploiting him. Which ended his career.

His parents built a children farm theme park called “Le Ferme de Jordy” but no one went and it closed in 1996. In the same year, Jordy’s parent divorced.

By the way, he’s the youngest singer who enter Billboard 100 charts. He’s also the youngest to have a #1 hit. At the age of 4 1/2.

Hueuehuehuehuehue, I’ve got 11 Jordy’s songs from his first album and Duur duur d’etre bebe video clip :P

Et maman,
elle s’occupera encore de moi
Elle m’aimera toujours aussi fort, aussi fort

Dis papa,
elle est belle ma petite soeur
Jepourrais la prende dans mes bras
Dis papa, comment elle s’appelle, ja pourrais
I’emmener á l’ecole
Elle jouera avec moi, je verux la voir
la, la, la

I love this “Ma Petite Souer” song … slow, cute, cool

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