Siti Nurhaliza binti Taruddin, a figure that need no introduction in music industri in Malaysia and also Indonesia. Born on the 11th January 1979 at Kampung Awah, Temerloh, Pahang.

Though singing to her is simply following her family’s formidable footsteps, her real talent was only unveiled when she became the champion of Pertandingan Bintang Hiburan Minggu Ini (HMI), organized by Radio Television of Malaysia (RTM) in 1995. Immediately after winning the title she was accepted as a full-time recording artiste. Her first album produced by Suria Records Sdn. Bhd. (SRC) in the same yeare, became the first of the string of Number One albums. Siti became a rising star in the age of 16.

Right after she was promoted as a recording artiste, one of her songs in her first album, Jerat Percintaan , made her winning an award as the best song in Malaysia or better known as ‘Juara lagu’ in 1996. That award was just the start of the bloom in her career.

She kept winning another award after an award given including a title that she got, which is Best Artiste Malaysia at MTV Asia awards for the second consecutive year. That was how appreciation was given to her for her talent and to date (year:2003) she has won over 80 awards making her name being written in the Malaysia’s Book Of Records for being an artiste with the most awards given.

She’s a beautiful, elegant lady with a magnificent voice…
This young diva’s performance is always amazing both on and off air, on and off stage. Just by being her self. She does not need to act or dress like Britney Spears (like some singer we have :P) to attrack the audince.

And … I’ve got 2 VIP tickets to see her live performance on December 12 at Istora Senayan :)
Horeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I always want to see her live performance.

Wawawawawawawa :)

I wish my girl is here, so i can see the concert with her….


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