Voltus !!!As you can see, those pics are taken from my laptop screen. Yes, it’s Voltus-Five (in some countries it’s known as Voltes). Hehehehhe
Flashback to my childhood, Voltus was one of my fave anime. And after years i can now watch it again in my laptop. Complete series. All actions of Gou Brothers (kenichi-daiziro-hiyoshi) with ippei and megumi fighting Heinell from planet Boazanian.

If I’m not mistaken, it was released on Asahi TV on 1977, 2 yeasr before the birth of the most famous Gundam series. For adult like us, it seems so silly when imagining how ‘real’ Voltus V is. OK, maybe driving a huge robot and fighting monsters are not your idea of ‘real’. Yet its ‘science-fiction’ approach stands this series out of the hocus-pocus of current series. Voltus !!!The dead people remain dead, there is no person that comes from future or past, and no super power laser blazes from their palm. The Voltus V team’s expertise comes from real training. One episode depicted how difficult it is for Voltus V team to make a close U-turn, and how they resent practicing it, only to find that that particular move saves their lives in the next battle. No magic, no innate super power, just pure training.

Voltus is a combination from 5 parts. They are Volt Crewzer (sic), a jet, Volt Bomber, Volt Panzer, Volt Frigate and Volt Lander. And dont forget about the weapon. Choudenji string-goma-beam-wave-ball, grand fire, grand missile. And finally Tenkuu Ken with V no ji kiri. Hehehehehe, a giant robo playing samurai. Like Himura Kenshin with his Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki (btw, is the spell correct ?? :P ). But the story was great.

By the way, it’s a cool anime. Inspiration for the next robo-anime .. specially combination robo like Combattler V, Zanbot 3, God Sigma,Dairugger XV (15 parts bo!), Daitarn 3 until Power Ranger. Hehehehe, unfortunatelly the series i’ve got have no english subtitle. But it’s ok, i can understand japs a little bit. I’ve got Saint Seiya too :)

Hi, i am Nuri. Just another IT guy working on fintech and telco at Jakarta, Indonesia. While tech stuff became my daily breakfast, i also love to travel around the globe and taking photos also. I DJ on my spare time while dealing with any mess my 9 cats made at home :)