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#Wikufest3 Free Lenses Photo Contest

OK, following my previous post about this contest, right now (21/01/2014 22:21) I’ve received 2 submission. I’m still waiting for the others.

Come guys :)

1. Twitter: @shadows003 | IG: rahmankurniadi | Class: XII RPL 3
Lens choice: Wide/Macro Lens
Blog Entry:  READY FOR #WIKUFEST2014 PRIZE FROM @nurikidy :)))

Rahman post another photo in instagram for this contest. But personally i like this one, sharp.

2. Twitter: @ilhamapp | IG: ilhamapp | Class: ???
Lens choice: Wide/Macro Lens
Blog post: I Choose Wide / Macro Lense , And Why I Deserve That Lense?

From Ilham’s blog post, i like this one. It’s sharp and good composition :) nice work

3. Twitter: @daniarpradanas | IG: ???? | Class: 2 TKJ 1
Lens choice: Fish Eye Lens
Blog post: #wikufest2014 free lenses? I’ll get it

that’s why he wants the fish eye :)

4. Twitter: @HattaZaka | IG: ???? | Class: XI RPL 2
Lens choice: Fish Eye Lens
Blog post:
– Holiday
– Expression one day before #wikufest2014 be held :D

i think the camera sensor having trouble with light metering. what cellphone is it?

5. Twitter: @devi_ephi | IG: | Class: ???
Lens: Wide/Macro Lens
Blog post: I want that wide lens

finally we have a lady in the list :) I’m just thinking if i move a bit to the left, still low angle, it would be nice6.

6. Twitter: @afi031 | IG:??? | class: XIIRPL3
Lens: Wide/Macro Lens
Blog post: Macro/Wide Lens !!! I want it !!! :D @nurikidy

It seems the girls has better way on making the picture composition. Leading lines style :) Very nice

7. Twitter: @vinanunenops | IG:pinaah | class: XI TKJ 1

Lens: Wide/Macro

Blog Post: Giveaway, yay!!

see things in common between the girls? leading lines, perspective :)

8. Twitter: @rheinitaCN | IG: | Class: XI RPL 1
Lens: Wide/Macro Lens
Macro Lens

“Perahu Merah” :)

9. Atika Hilyati
Twitter: @atkhilya | IG: atkhilya| Class: 2 RPL 3
Lens: Wide/Macro Lens

lines and pattern, common thing between girls :)

10. Intania Ma’rifatus Syifa
Twitter: @intaniasyifa | IG: | Class: XITKJ1
Lens: Wide/Macro Lens
Mas Nuri Photo Contest on #wikufest3 ^^

Sometimes, photo composition is all about simplicity. It might be old and dirty, it’s not so much about the shoes, but the person wearing them

11. Rifqi Paramita
Twitter: @ribekkk | IG:ribekkk | Class: XI RPL 2
Lens: Wide/Macro Lens
Getting Excited for Photo Contest on #Wikufest3 :)

it might not the sharpest photo she took, but it’s a creative concept

12. Reno Dwi Gustavino
Twitter: @RenoLaks | IG: | Class: XITKJ3
Lens: Wide/Macro Lens
Maybe this will be a story to remember

can you see the invisible lines?

13. Junita Pristi
Twitter: @junitapristi| IG: | class: XI RPL 2
Lens: Fish Eye
Blog: Shoot Your Unforgettable Moment #wikufest2014

Ah, framing from low angle. Nice

14. Anggi Yuniar Putri
Twitter: @anggiebel | IG: | Class: XITKJ2
Lens: Fish Eye
Blog: Wikufest 3!!

14. Zahua Mahira
Twitter: @ZahuaMahira | IG: | Class: 2 TKJ 1
Lens: Fish Eye
Blog: Shoot with My Handpone about AWESOME moment #wikufest3 #wikufest2014


Hi, i am Nuri. Just another IT guy working on fintech and telco at Jakarta, Indonesia. While tech stuff became my daily breakfast, i also love to travel around the globe and taking photos also. I DJ on my spare time while dealing with any mess my 9 cats made at home :)


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