Road To WikuFest 2013

Life is about learning and sharing. It’s an endless cycle to make you better, in my opinion. And for the next 7 hours, i’m honoured to be part of Wikusama Festival (WikuFest) again.
This is my second year in a row :P

It’s a sharing session (we call it like that) from alumni of SMK Telkom Sandhy Putra Malang (like me) along with some guest speakers from industry to our junior.

There are so many topics in this event. Starting from technical workshop like class from Mozilla Indonesia, cloud computing, enterpreneurship up until life wisdom. My class will talk about social media. It’s a fun session (i hope so) talking about what is social media and what it can do for you other than being narcist :P

My last year presentation was talking about how to utilize something that most people carry everywhere everytime… mobile devices. My point is to dig the creativity with everything around you.

only at WikuFest 2013
only at WikuFest 2013

We’d like to say very big thanks to Himawan Nugroho who’s willing to spare some of his busy time for helping us in this year event. And finally we met in person after years join in the same mailing list :P

Thanks also to Mozilla Indonesia for participating in this event. I heard that you guys want to make your own event, am i right? Please put my almamater in first priority if -whatever it is- held in Malang.

Ichal always talking about wanna go overseas, well bro I can say there is one of many doors open for you. Try to be an active and dedicated Mozilla Reps ^_^ Malang does not have any currently.

Yollo, who’s crazy about Agnes Monica, you have Denny K class. You’ve got one of my korg nano already. It’s up to you now :P

And Ghea, well I think she’s on the right track. Good example for my presentation :) Lucky that Benny and Rara are here this year. 2 good example of (Indonesian) people who does right with social media. Ben, please let her stay on the ground. No tower nor dementor involved please *rofl*

And I’m sure there are still so many diamonds unpolished. I hope we can help a little to make ’em shine.

So, Who will go home smiling with one of this?

some toys giveaway…

Of course only the lucky WikuFest2013 participant. Good luck ^_^

“What if i’m not WikuFest participant?”
Well, that’s your problem, not mine :)

FINALLY, i can eat pangsit mie again after years drooling for this one *nyammm*

Pangsit Mie!!!

This is my fave food during my childhood. Since I went home to Malang mostly on Lebaran, I couldn’t find it because there’s no one selling it during the holiday :(

Geez, I do really need to sleep properly….

Hi, i am Nuri. Just another IT guy working on fintech and telco at Jakarta, Indonesia. While tech stuff became my daily breakfast, i also love to travel around the globe and taking photos also. I DJ on my spare time while dealing with any mess my 9 cats made at home :)


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